Putting education as a priority feels a bit like saying that I like days off.  Education may be the single most important factor in a successful community.  Strong education systems foster economic growth - Good students equal good workers.  Fully funded schools, well paid teachers and support staff are an easy starting point.

Citizen Engagement

In my current job, I am a frequent testifier in state legislative hearings.  Despite that, I often feel that public testimony falls into the void and complicated bills and budget decisions are not communicated out to Alaskans in the right way.  Since announcing my decision to run, I have heard from several people on three main issues: Budget, Taxes, and Air Quality.

While I am learning about these issues and possible solutions, I am committed to including you, my neighbors, in that process.  We need leadership that can communicate these issues; we need leadership that is accessible. My goal is that people feel they are informed of Borough decisions and they have a meaningful voice in the process.  I am committed to transparency and accountability.  If we work together, our community can only prosper.


Diversity is essential to the longevity of a community.  Beyond demographics, new ideas and experiences can bring perspective across cultural divides, which in turn fosters tolerance and well-being.  My time on the Fairbanks Diversity Council allowed me to dip my toes into issues facing members of our community that I might not have encountered in my day-to-day.  That Council tackled ways to grow acceptance and reduced discrimination. It also highlighted the diversity in leadership positions across the Borough, representing the communities that need to work together for a better FNSB. I was raised in rural Alaska, I am a woman, and I want to see leadership that looks like me.